December 2009 No. 110

President's Page

Let me be one of many to wish all of you a very happy holiday season. CAHLSA has also gotten into the holiday spirit with a seasonal party at The Lindner Park/McCullough Estate Nature Preserve on December 9th. This gorgeous house tucked away in Norwood has been the location of previous CAHLSA parties. It was beautifully decorated with many lights and a fully trimmed tree. Being the busy holiday season, I could not stay long, my presence required at an elementary school holiday concert. However I was informed that the singing and games rivaled last year’s merriment. (I did manage to sneak a few more great cookies on my way out).

As is our tradition, we collected books to donate to a chosen charity. This year’s recipient was the Kids Café at Our Daily Bread located just over Race Street from Findlay Market. This year we collected forty four books. Meredith worked hard to get the gift labels in and I delivered them to the café this afternoon. Paul Miller, the develop director, greeted me at the door. Joyce Foster the Kids Café coordinator explained to me some of the activities that go on in the Café. They were very grateful to receive the books. The Café and Our Daily Bread are always looking for volunteers with crafting and merriment skills. I think CAHLSA is rich with those types. If you are looking for a giving outlet, call them (513-621-6364).

Next up on our agenda is a PubMed training. Holly Ann Burt from the GMR will be coming to Cincinnati (Univ of Cincinnati Health Sci Library) February 5, 2010 for a CAHSLA workshop to teach us how to use the new version of PubMed. The morning class is called “Making PubMed Work For You” and the afternoon class is called “PubMed Clinics of North America: A Problem Based Approach to PubMed.” This is a timely workshop given all the chat on the listserv. So get your questions ready and get to the workshop.

Again Happy Holiday Season. Good luck with the shopping, and hope to see you at the CAHLSA workshop.
-- Amy Koshoffer, 2009-2010 President

CAHSLA Holiday Party
The Lindner Park/McCullough Estate Nature Preserve
December 9, 2009, no. 110

Attendees: Carole Baker, Cathy Constance, Regina Hartman, Jodi Hetzel, Barbarie Hill, Emily Kean, Amy Koshoffer, Lisa McCormick, Meredith Orlowski, Mary Piper, Sharon Purtee, Val Purvis, Cecil Rahe, Emily Rahe, Edith Starbuck, Jane Thompson

The annual holiday party was once again held at the beautiful McCullough Estate House in Norwood. The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. Appetizers and desserts were provided by CAHSLA members.

Over thirty-five children’s books were collected to be donated to the Kids Café, an organization run by the Freestore Foodbank and Our Daily Bread.

Mary Piper announced that Jane Thomson’s retirement party would be held at Mary’s house in January and invited all CAHSLA members to attend. A formal invitation will follow. Meredith Orlowski reminded everyone to watch their e-mails for more details about the PubMed training sessions scheduled for February 5, 2010.

Meredith and the Planning Committee also organized some fun holiday-themed games, jogging our memories about song lyrics and reminiscing about memorable gifts. Edith Starbuck continued the holiday party tradition by providing us with sheet music for our annual Christmas Carol sing-along.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

-- Respectfully Submitted, Emily Kean, Secretary


The Annual Holiday Party was held at the Lindner Park/McCullough Estate Nature Preserve in Norwood. The McCullough House offered a warm, cozy environment that was perfect for our holiday party on such a blustery day. CAHSLA members prepared delicious hors d'oeuvres and desserts. As is tradition, CAHSLA collects and donates children’s books for needy children every Holiday party. This year we collected 44 children’s books for the Kids Café. Thank you to all those who donated! The Kids Café is an organization run by the Freestore Foodbank and Our Daily Bread. Children ages 5-13 attend this program in Over the Rhine for a nurturing atmosphere, activities, homework help, and a meal to eat after school. The children can even take books home to read when they have enough donations.

Upcoming Program Note: Please mark your calendars for February 5! CAHSLA is sponsoring a PubMed workshop. Holly Ann Burt, GMR Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator, is making a special trip to Cincinnati to help us use the new PubMed. She will teach two classes (both are free). Holly is a PubMed expert, don’t pass up this opportunity!

The morning class is called “Making PubMed Work For You” and the afternoon class is “PubMed Clinics of North America: A Problem Based Approach to PubMed.” Classes will be held in the health sciences library at the University of Cincinnati. I will send out an email regarding further details and RSVP information.

--Meredith Orlowski, Program Chair

Financial Report 2009-2010 Year-To-Date

Balance as of 6/12/2009 $ 469.33

Dues – 25 full, 2 student $391.00

CAHSLA.org domain renewal $ 50.00
Food – Sep meeting $231.11
Donation to Museum Center $ 75.00
Barbarie’s retirement reception $100.00
McCullough House donation $100.00
Dec party – supplies & drinks $ 42.10

Balance as of 12/15/2009 $ 262.12

Balance as of 6/12/2009 $2872.07
Interest (6 months) $ 7.24

Balance as of 12/15/2009 $2879.31

Cash on hand
Balance as of 6/12/2009 $ 35.52

Balance as of 12/15/2009 $ 35.52

Total Assets $3176.95

25 full
2 student
9 life

-- Submitted by: Cathy Constance, Treasurer 12/15/2009

State Library of Ohio

Since 2001, the State Library budget has suffered severe cuts and staffing has been reduced 45%, from 130 to 72. Most of this reduction has been achieved through attrition but this is no longer possible. With the latest budget reduction, it has become necessary to once again review our goals and prioritize our objectives.

Ohio is fortunate to have many library organizations providing opportunities for continuing education (CE) for staff working in all types of libraries. In fact, many of these organizations, whose sole purpose is to provide CE to the Ohio library community, depend on income generated through these services. In order to reduce duplication, yet continue to provide programs and services unique to the State Library, the continuing education staff position and program have been eliminated.

The State Library will carry on collaborations with CE partners for workshops and trainings. Individuals within programs at the State Library will continue to offer specialized training, e.g. content specific services or how to use government documents for research. In addition, online courses via WebJunction Ohio service will be available at no cost through June 30, 2010.

Marsha McDevitt-Stredney
Marketing & Communications Director
274 E. 1st Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201
Tel: 614-644-6875
Fax: 614-466-3584


We wish to extend a warm welcome to two new CAHSLA members. Dana Dunn has jointed and is representing Clinton Memorial Hospital.

Melida Busch is returning to the Cincinnati area as Manager of the Edward L. Pratt Library at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, after an almost three-year tour as News and Current Awareness Librarian for Pfizer. Before leaving Cincinnati in 2006, Melida was a Senior Information Analyst with Ethicon Endo-Surgery.

We wish to extend our best wishes to Jane Thompson, University of Cincinnati AIT&L, who plans to retire in January. Jane has worn many hats in the CAHSLA organization in her twenty plus years as a member. Without Jane’s expertise the CAHSLA archives would have been lost, and our policies and procedures would languish from inattention. She has dispensed her professional wisdom without hesitation and with wit and humor that is unmatched. We want to keep in touch, Jane!

News from our newly retired colleague, Barbarie Hill. “The move went without major hitches, and we have been in our new house for a week now. We're beginning to feel comfortable, but there is a lot to do to make a place livable -- determining places to put things, figuring out where to hang pictures, arranging the furniture, etc. Tonight we're having a major snowstorm. It's great to sit in our cozy living room and watch it come down with nowhere we have to go. Tomorrow I'm sure the kids will want to sled and build snowmen. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! P.S. After I wrote this, we were snowed in for four days with over two feet of snow. The kids couldn't play in it because they couldn't move in snow up to their armpits. We are only a half mile off a main road, but we and our neighbors had to hire someone with a snowplow to clear our lane and our driveways before we could get out. The city isn't prepared for this kind of snowfall.”

We would like to send holiday wishes to Jodi Hetzel, Regional Sales Manager for EBSCO. Jodi was able to join us at the annual Holiday Party at the Lindner Park/McCullough Estate Nature Preserve in Norwood. Jodi’s magic cookie bars survived intact her remarkable flight from Boston to Cincinnati. We hope to see you next year, Jodi.

“Mary had her’s in a manger. Meredith wants to have her’s in a hospital.” Those of us in attendance at the Holiday Party found out during the fun and games through this little ditty that our colleague Meredith Orlowski (US AIT&L) and her husband Bob will be welcoming a little one in June. Congratulations Meredith and Bob!!


From medlib-l on 11/30/2009:
Things are finally looking up in Quickdocland. Jay Daly’s daughter and son-in-law have turned over the database, the program, customer information, etc. to a company here in Massachusetts. There will be a formal announcement shortly, along with contact info, website address, etc. So stay tuned.

If you are nearing the end, or have reached the end of your contract period, keep using Quickdoc; it won’t quit on you. The developers will be in touch with each customer to let you know what’s next.

Thank you all for your patience!

Margo Coletti, AMLS, AHIP
Knowledge Services
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
One Deaconess Road
Boston, MA 02215


Karen Anderson was recently featured in an article in the Minot Daily News, entitled Faster access: More resources make medical information readily available. Karen is director of the Angus Cameron Medical Library at Trinity Health in Minot, North Dakota, and is the University of North Dakota Northwest Clinic Campus Librarian. Karen discusses the new technologies that bring health information faster to consumers. http://www.minotdailynews.com/page/content.detail/id/533406.html?nav=5010


Jan. 1, 2010 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Jan. 13, 2010 Retirement party for Jane Thompson at the home of Mary Piper.

Feb. 5, 2010 PubMed workshop at UC Health Sciences Library.