September 2018, No.144

It’s September – a time of transition and also new beginnings.  In the CAHSLA tradition, we begin our new association year in September.  In August, the new Executive Board met for the transition meeting.  As a reminder, Emily Kean is Vice President/President Elect, Cara Yurkowski is Treasurer, and Jennifer Pettigrew is Secretary.  The transition meeting serves as a time to share successes, challenges, and ideas with one another.  

We also had a very lively and creative meeting of the Program Committee. We welcomed new members Sara Craycraft, Amanda Fay, and Steve Pfeiffer.  Cara Yurkowski and Steve Pfeiffer accepted the invitation to co-chair the Program Committee.  Elsewhere in the Chronicle, you will find an overview of our 2018-2019 programs.  We really have an exciting year of programming planned.  Be sure to visit the CAHSLA website and read the Chronicle regularly to keep apprised of meetings and workshops.

CAHSLA can serve as a vital forum for networking, improving knowledge, developing new skills, and professional development.  The organization provides experienced members with the opportunity to mentor newer members, and in turn, to learn from these members beginning their professional careers.  We are very proud of two of our newer members, Cara Yurkowski and Steve Pfeiffer, who each received a grant from OSHLA to attend the Midwest Chapter Meeting in Cleveland October 5 – 8.

Earlier in this column I provided you with the names of our Executive Board.  My invitation to you is to communicate your needs, ideas, and concerns to any member of the board so that we can continue to make CAHSLA relevant and beneficial to you.  What do you want to gain from CAHSLA? How can we involve you more in CAHSLA so that you reap the benefits of networking and career development?

At the writing of this column, summer is still hanging on.  The season of falling leaves, crisp air, and the fall harvest are just a tantalizing idea at this point!  As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
Welcome back!

Edith Starbuck, President

Secretary’s Report
Annual Membership Meeting
September 18, 2018, 5:30-7:30 pm
The Lloyd Library and Museum

Attendees:  Sara Craycraft; Amanda Fay; Regina Hartman; Alex Herrlein; Amy Koshoffer; Sandra Mason; Lisa McCormick; Steve Pfeiffer; Barbara Slavinski; Edith Starbuck; Jennifer Steinhardt; Cara Yurkowski.

The 2018-2019 CAHSLA association year was launched with the kick-off meeting at the Lloyd Library and Museum.  Our meeting was hosted by CAHSLA member and Lloyd Reference Librarian and Office Manager, Alex Herrlein.

President Edith Starbuck began the meeting with a welcome and an invitation to attend and participate in the upcoming programs.  She introduced the members of the executive team Emily Kean, VP/President Elect; Jennifer Pettigrew, Secretary; Cara Yurkowski, Treasurer.  Everyone was invited to introduce themselves and share any newsy tidbits in a “round robin.”  Cara reminded everyone that it is membership renewal time and had membership forms with her.  Lisa McCormick, co-editor of the CAHSLA Chronicle, announced the upcoming deadline for articles and news submissions as September 25.

Jennifer Steinhardt and Lisa McCormick were the planners for the membership meeting.  After enjoying pizza and salad, a vowel-less book title game was played.  The top three winners of the game each received a $10 gift card to Graeter’s.  First place winner was Regina Hartman, and Amanda Fay and Alex Herrlein tied for second place.

Alex Herrlein gave an overview of the founding and present operations of The Lloyd Library and Museum.  He went on to describe the photographic exhibit of black and white photos of poppies from the collection of Cincinnati hybridizer Arthur E. Curtis currently on display in the gallery.  Members had the chance to examine the unique 2-volume work, Altered States, which details “the world’s greatest private collection related to the subjects of drugs, sex, magic, and rock and roll" collected by Ludlow-Santo Domingo.  Only 200 libraries received copies of the work which describes the extraordinary collection.  Members also explored the current exhibit, Phar’-ma-cog-no-sy Illustrated: A History of Natural Pharmaceuticals. “The exhibition features modern medical illustrations, vintage botanical art and specimens of medicinal plants.”

Watch your email inbox for information on the 80 Acres Farms tour and CAHSLA business meeting on Wednesday, October 24th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm.

Submitted by Lisa McCormick and Jennifer Steinhardt

CAHSLA Executive Committee Transition Meeting
July 30, 2018
Location:  Ruth’s Restaurant 5:30 pm
Present: Edith Starbuck, President; Emily Kean, President-Elect; Cara Yurkowski, Treasurer; Alex Herrlein, Past President

  1. Finances/Budget
    a.      Emily will add Cara to the CAHSLA account.  Best practice to have 2 on the account.
    b.     The CAHSLA president needs to sign a letter, the website needs to be updated and Emily and Cara need to go to bank in person to make the change
    c.      Emily has two boxes of records from former treasurer/membership chair Cathy Constance.  May be worth keeping some of past membership information for the archives 
    2.    Membership
    a.      Suggested that membership renewal emails be sent to the larger list of CAHSLA program attendees inviting them to join

    3.    Programs
    a.      Cara will ask some of our newer members if they would like to serve on the program committee
    b.     Edith will organize a program meeting for some time in August
    c.      Ideas include:
    ·     Membership meeting – at the Lloyd to view their current exhibit on old pharmacy equipment and a special viewing of their ‘LSD’ collection
    ·     1800s Medicine – Survival of the Fittest (Kathy Creighton, Butler County Historical Society) from Lisa
    ·     80 acres urban agriculture suggested by Jennifer Pettigrew
    ·     Cincinnati Art Museum archives suggested by Cara Yurkowski
    ·     PlayLibrary.org
    ·     Picnic – Mt. Storm suggested by Emily Kean
    .  Tech something if it’s a good fit like the EBSCO program this past year

    4.  Chronicle – Lisa unable to attend but provided a couple of reminders
    a. Chronicle publication schedule: September, December, March, and June 
    b. Officer/committee reports are published and archived in the Chronicle 

    5. Website – Amy Koshoffer and Emily Kean do updates and announcements

    6.  Secretary – Jennifer unable to attend 

    7.  Other business
    a.      Archives – currently residing in several boxes at UC.  Discussion raised questions.  Decided to table for now but keep discussing and boxes remain at UC for now.
    ·     Currently no archivist – approach chapter members who are archivists?
    ·     Maintain paper archive as is or digitize?
    ·     If digitize, could be a student archivist project but who would supervise, where could digitization be done at little or no cost?
    ·     CAHLSA website has unlimited storage if decide to digitize

    b.     Developing guidelines for gifts/memorials
    ·       CAHSLA has been increasingly generous in recognizing retirements, marriages, new babies, etc. which the treasury cannot continue to sustain.
    ·       Discussed awkwardness of developing criteria for providing monetary gifts or memorials that draw down the CAHSLA treasury
    ·       Decided that instead of doing gifts or memorials, CAHSLA will only send cards to mark member milestones or memorials
    ·       If members would like to do more, they can donate funds to CAHSLA via the organization’s PayPal account keeping in mind that a percentage of the donations will go to PayPal
    c.      Bylaws update
    ·     Emily noted that it’s time to review and update the CAHSLA bylaws but agreed to wait until she’s president

    Submitted by Edith Starbuck, President

    Treasurer’s Report
    as of 06/12/2018:
    Membership Dues

    Program Planning Food Reimbursement

    Program Planning Supplies Reimbursement

    Bank Service Charge

    Music Hall Gift Reimbursement

    Check Order

    as of 09/25/18:
    as of 06/12/2018:


    as of 09/25/2018:
    as of 09/25/2018:

    6 Regular (Paid)
    1 Student (Paid)
    11 Life Members
    18 TOTAL

    Respectfully submitted by Cara Yurkowski, Treasurer

    Program Committee Report

    Cara Yurkowski (The Christ) and Steven Pfeiffer (Cincinnati & Hamilton County Library and the University of Kentucky) are co-chairing the committee for 2018-2019.  Members include: Sara Craycraft and Amanda Fay (Tri-Health Bethesda and Good Samaritan respectively), Amy Koshoffer (UC), Lisa McCormick (The Jewish), Jennifer Pettigrew and Jennifer Steinhardt (The Christ), and Edith Starbuck (UC), advisory.

    Preliminary plans include:
    ·       October – 80 Acres Farms Tour
    ·       December – Holiday party -  Potential location: Clifton Public Library Branch
    ·       Jan or Feb 2019 – 1800s Medicine: Survival of the Fittest (Kathy Creighton, Butler County Historical Society) Potential location:  New GME auditorium The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health
    ·       Spring:
      Archival Talk by Eira Tansey - Potential location: The Christ Hospital, or
      Cincinnati Art Museum archives, or
    ·       June – annual picnic
    We are open to suggestions for a location for the annual picnic.

    Submitted by Cara Yurkowski and Steven Pfeiffer, Co-Chairs

    80 Acres Farms Tour and CAHSLA Business Meeting

    Mark your calendar for our next meeting and unique program with a visit to an urban farm that is 100% indoors and hydroponic located in Spring Grove Village. Vertical farms like 80 Acres, "use 97% less water and yield 100 times more than traditional farming with ZERO pesticides, while operating year-round."  80 Acres just announced that they will be building another farm in Hamilton, Ohio, that will supply such big-name companies as Whole Foods, Jungle Jim’s, and Dorothy Lane Market with microgreens, herbs, and kale. The Hamilton farm will be the first fully-automated vertical farm in the U.S. 

    Join us for this rare opportunity to tour a very cutting-edge business on Wednesday, October 24th from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Watch your email inbox and check the CAHSLA website for more details including registration information for this event.




    Amy Kosohoffer (University of Cincinnati) has been selected to the 2018-2019 Cohort into the UC Women Lead program.  

    Cara Yurkowski (The Christ Hospital J N Gamble Library) was awarded an OHSLA grant to attend the 2018 Midwest Chapter conference in Cleveland Ohio.  Cara also has the honor of being one of the subjects of the Fall OHSLA Voice “Member Spotlight” column.  Check it out:  http://ohsla.info/resources/Documents/VoiceArchives/OHSLAvoice_Fall2018.pdf

    Steve Pfeiffer (Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County) was also awarded an OHSLA grant to attend the 2018 Midwest Chapter.  Steve is in his final semester at the University of Kentucky and expects to complete his M.L.I.S. degree in December.


    Sandra Mason is retiring after 37+ years with the Department of Veteran Affairs.  She began her career as a Library Technician at the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center in 1981 while pursuing her MLS at the University of Pittsburgh.  Her final position was as Designated Learning Officer/Learning Resources Manager in Education Service.  Sandy has plans to travel both abroad and within the US, and will extend the number of hours she volunteers at various venues.
    In Memoriam

    We learned of the passing of Mrs. Ruth Epstein on June 15, 2018.  Mrs. Epstein was, for many years, an extraordinary reference librarian at the University of Cincinnati Health Sciences Library. Her volunteer work and financial contributions to community organizations supporting education, the arts, the environment and libraries was exemplary.


    Books by the Banks

    Books by the Banks Cincinnati Regional Book Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2018 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Duke Energy Convention Center.  "The day-long festival, which is free and open to the public, features national, regional, and local authors and illustrators; book signings; panel discussions; and activities for the entire family to enjoy."

    New Life for Iconic Clifton Building
    According to an August 21, 2018 article in the Cincinnati Business Courier, the former Clifton branch of the Cincinnati Public Library on Ludlow Avenue has been purchased.  The new owners plan to convert it into a restaurant with a rooftop deck.  The building has been unoccupied since 2014.

    Classic NEJM Editorial – Abbreviations in the Medical Literature
    To the Editor: There is a recent trend (RT) in the medical literature (ML) to abbreviate previously unabbreviated phrases for the sake of efficiency (PUPSAE).  Although it makes good sense (GS), the frequency with which it is used can tax the inexperienced reader (IR).  Sometimes repetition can actually be beneficial (RCABB) by allowing readers to retain words they do not constantly have to refer back to (WOHCREBT).

    I would like to suggest to the Editor (ED), that for the IR who doesn’t wish to have PUPSAE, he have the GS to change the ML, so that RCABB and he can eliminate WOHCREBT.

       Steven G. Mann, M.D.
       Santa Cruz Radiation Oncology Medical Group
    N Engl J Med. 1989 Apr 27;320(17):1152

    Med School Students Skip Live Lectures
    According to StatNews, approximately 1 in 4 medical students "almost never" attend class during their first two preclinical years in school.  One reason given by the students for skipping live medical school lectures is that they are too busy studying for the Step 1 USMLE exam.  One student interviewed for the survey reported that his medical school focuses on teaching "what they thought was important for a physician to know" whereas the Step 1 exam covers rare diseases and obscure facts.  Read the article at https://www.statnews.com/2018/08/14/medical-students-skipping-class/

    Other Uses of Vicks VapoRub
    Proctor & Gamble’s Vicks VapoRub can be used for many things, including:
    ·       Deter foxes from stealing newspapers (as reported by Business Courier)
    ·       Cure nail fungus
    ·       Heat up cold toes at football games
    ·       Mosquito repellent
    ·       Reduce belly fat

    Dictation Bloopers
    ·       Hemodialysis eight years with wife
    ·       Difficulty bragging the patient
    ·       MRI of the right food
    ·       Chief complaint - "bazaar behavior"
    ·       Retractable vomiting
    ·       Patient’s heart was attacked
    ·       The patient is allergic to dimes
    ·       Chief Complaint: "speaking unintelligent"
    ·       Bladder fixation
    ·       Better blockers

        Final Thought
        “We are all experts in our own little niches.”
                Alex Trebek, Host of Jeopardy since 1984