June 2015, No. 131

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The CAHSLA program year drew to a close with the CAHSLA picnic on June 25th. It was held this year at the Montgomery Park shelter; a new and different park for CAHSLA. As usual it was a very pleasant occasion. The weather cooperated, the food was good and so was the company.

The new CAHSLA officers for 2015-2016 were announced:

President: Amy Koshoffer

Vice President: Don Jason
Secretary: Jennifer Pettigrew
Treasurer: Emily Kean

We are grateful to Amy and Don for their willingness to serve and to Jennifer and Emily for continuing to serve! This slate of officers is the first since CAHSLA membership voted to support the proposal to eliminate the Past President role and to retain the President Elect role as a 2 year commitment but without the responsibility of the Program Committee. The Program Chair, the Chronicle Editor(s), and the Archive Chair will report to the President Elect. With this change we hope to see a greater continuity for the CAHSLA organization and more willingness on the part of membership to serve. I will be forming a group soon to revise the CAHSLA by-laws to reflect this change.

Many thanks to the Program Committee, Jennifer Heffron, Elaine Dean, Carole Baker, Amy Koshoffer, and Val Purvis (Interim Chair) for such a great program year! We all enjoyed the Hauck house tour in the fall, the holiday party at Carole Baker’s home, the Data Management Tech Convo, the CE “PubMed and the Evidence-based Universe,” the Sign Museum tour, and the annual CAHSLA picnic.

It was my pleasure to serve as President of CAHSLA this year and to work with an exceptional Executive Committee: Lisa McCormick, Past President, Emily Kean, Treasurer, Jennifer Pettigrew, Secretary, Jane Thompson, Archivist, Amy Koshoffer and Emily Kean, Technology Committee, and Lisa McCormick and Barbarie Hill, CAHSLA Chronicle editors. Thank you for your service and your support!

Happy Summer everyone! I look forward to seeing you at next year’s CAHSLA programs.

Edith Starbuck 

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CAHSLA, American Sign Museum, 5-7 pm

May 28, 2015 
Attendees: Sandy Mason, Edith Starbuck, Brigid Almaguer, Don Jason, Emily Kean, Regina Hartman, Amy Koshoffer, Diana Osborne, Katie Wolf, Jennifer Pettigrew, Val Purvis, Bob Purvis, Alex Herrlein, Jennifer Heffron, Carole Baker, Barb Slavinkski, Jane Thompson, Elizabeth Meyer, Lisa McCormick

CAHSLA's Business Meeting was held this year at the American Sign Museum http://www.americansignmuseum.org/ in Camp Washington. Our tour guide really brought the history of signs to life and it was amazing to see so many signs in one place. Thanks to Jennifer Heffron and the rest of the Programming Committee for organizing the event. During the business portion of the meeting, Emily Kean reported that CAHSLA's financial status and membership numbers are good. Judith Teneyck from Galen College of Nursing is our newest member. Welcome Judith! Lisa McCormick read the upcoming election slate. The candidates are Amy Koshoffer as President, Don Jason as Vice President, Emily Kean as Treasurer, and Jennifer Pettigrew as Secretary. The Past President role was eliminated after the results of the recent survey were tallied. Thanks to everyone for participating in the survey. A committee will be formed this summer to update the bylaws. CASHLA's Annual Picnic will be at Montgomery Park on June 25th at 5:30 pm. Please bring sides, salads, and dessert. Val Purvis will be organizing the picnic. 

Submitted by: Jennifer Pettigrew, Secretary Image result for beach bar

CAHSLA Annual Picnic, 5:30 pm - 8 pm

June 25, 2015

Attendees: Sandy Mason, Edith Starbuck, Brigid Almaguer, Don Jason, Mrs. Jason, Emily Kean, Regina Hartman, Amy Koshoffer, Diana Osborne, Katie Wolf, Jennifer Pettigrew, Val Purvis, Bob Purvis, Alex Herrlein, Jennifer Heffron, Eloise Heffron, Cora Heffron, Carole Baker, Cecile Rahe, Emily Rahe, Barb Slavinkski, Jane Thompson, Elizabeth Meyer

This year's Annual Picnic was held at Montgomery Park Shelter in Montgomery, Ohio. We enjoyed lots of good food and fellowship. Much thanks to Val Purvis and the rest of the Programming Committee for organizing the event. Once poor Edith finally made it to the park (sheesh Google Maps!) she announced the results of the election (see President’s Page column). Edith gave the prettiest ceramic tiles as gifts to this year's officers. Regina Hartman presented Edith with a gift certificate to Ruth’s Parkside CafĂ© in gratitude for her service as President. Have a fun and healthy summer!

Submitted by: Jennifer Pettigrew, Secretary 

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Year End Program Committee Report 2014-2015

· Sept 2014 Membership Meeting at the Hauck House hosted by Mary Piper

· Dec 2014 Holiday Dinner Party hosted by Carole Baker in her home

· Jan 2015 Meeting and Library Tour at the Cincinnati Art Museum arranged by Elaine Dean

· Mar 2015 Techno Convo at UC organized by Amy Koshoffer

· Apr 2015 PubMed Continuing Education program courtesy of Emily Kean & Carole Baker

· May 2015 American Sign Museum back by popular demand and set up by Jennifer Heffron

· Jun 2015 Annual Year-End Picnic at Montgomery Park arranged by Jennifer Heffron

We had an ambitious year, holding six meetings that accomplished a lot. The Committee met and roughed out the plans for the year and determined which individual committee members would head up each meeting. The Hauck membership meeting brought several new members to the organization with 25 attendees. The holiday party held in the private home of Carole Baker, included collecting books to donate to Healthpointe Family Care, playing games and singing carols with 21 attendees. The Art Museum meeting included an inside tour of the newly designed library guided by the Schiff Library Librarian, Galina Lewandowicz. The Techno Convo, “Top Ten Tips for Data Management Best Practices”, had to be rescheduled but was ultimately a success as was the PubMed educational program on the Evidence Based Universe with Holly Burt. The American Sign Museum visit included a tour of their new building with a tour of their expanded collection. The picnic closed out the CAHSLA program year at a new location with a few kids and a few canine friends in attendance as well.

Respectfully Submitted,
Val Purvis, Program Committee Chair

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Treasurer and Membership Secretary Report

 as of 4/9/2015 :
Membership Dues

Sign Museum Attendance Fees


Sign Museum Food Costs

Sign Museum Tour Cost

President's Gift Reimbursement

Summer Picnic Food Costs

as of 6/30/2015:
as of 4/9/2015 :


as of 6/30/2015:
as of 6/30/2015:

18 Regular (Paid)
0 Student (Paid)
14 Life Members
Respectfully submitted by Emily Kean, Treasurer






Congratulations to Don Jason on the presentation of his paper: Strategic Plan to Strategic Action: The Library's Role in Supporting Health Informatics Initiatives. Don presented his paper at the session entitled Thinking Outside the Box: Revamping and Rethinking Traditional Ideas, Roles, and Spaces sponsored by the Hospital Libraries Section, Clinical Librarians and Evidenced Based Health Care SIG at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association in Austin, Texas.

Congratulations to Edith Starbuck, Sharon Purtee, Don Jason, Charles Kishaman, Kristen Burgess, and Tiffany Grant for their 2015 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting poster presentation titled Further Almetric Analysis.

Congratulations to Amy Koshoffer and Tiffany Grant for their 2015 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting poster presentation titled Research Data Management Services and Opportunities at the University of Cincinnati.

Congratulations to Leslie Schick for her outstanding work on the 2015 National Program Planning Committee for the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association.

Congratulations to Don Jason for being named Alumnus of the Year from the Information Architecture Knowledge Management program at Kent State University’s School of Library and Information Science.

Retirement Activities

Jane Thompson just completed her first quarter of Polish language classes, and has the diploma to prove it. Being a realistic person, she will enroll in the Fall Quarter of Polish in September.  In July Jane will continue her learning curve by visiting museums in Washington, Philadelphia and New York City, which will greatly add to her cultural glow, useful in idle conversation. Currently she is involved in the green revolution in her front garden by slaughtering vines, trees planted by the birds, poison ivy and honeysuckle. And euonymous. 

Barbarie Hill attended Traditional Song Week in Swannanoa, NC this summer.  She took classes in southern gospel, African American spirituals, gospel and blues, and shape note hymns.  Other types of music included Celtic, traditional English folk, ballads, cowboy, sea chanties, etc. and the singing never stopped from breakfast to jam sessions after midnight.  Great fun!

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Medical Library Association Annual Conference

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Dr. Mae Jemison, a former NASA astronaut who was the first African-American woman in space, was the John P. McGovern Award Lecture plenary speaker for the 2015 meeting, Librarians Without Limits, was perfectly suited to Jemison, a physician, engineer and entrepreneur.  Dr. Jemison leads the 100 Year Starship project which intends to leverage advances in technology and medicine to make interstellar travel a possibility.  Her presentation was lively and though provoking!  Tidbits from the presentation -- advice for researchers, librarians, and lifelong learners alike:

· be bold and take a risk

· be open to “impossibilities”

· contribute

· use existing knowledge in new ways

· make capabilities exist

And if you are really exceptional, as is Dr. Jemison, you may even get a role on Star Trek!

Lisa McCormick 

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MLA CE Class – Knowledge Sharing for Improvement

I attended the CE class Knowledge Sharing for Improvement: Hospital Librarians as Knowledge Managers taught by Margo Coletti and Lori Zipperer. Margo, director of knowledge services at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, authored the 2011 Journal of Hospital Librarianship paper Developing a Strategic Plan for Transitioning to Healthcare Knowledge Services Centers (HKSCs). Lori, a consultant, is best known for her work on the role of libraries and patient safety, but also consults on transitioning libraries to knowledge management centers. Lori recently authored the book, Knowledge Management in Healthcare (2014 Gower).

The course was a very good basic introduction to knowledge management. The instructors worked well together and provided plenty of opportunities for the class to interact. Interestingly, out of a class of about 20, four of the participants were from Ohio! Margo served a key role in the Knowledge Management Initiative sponsored by the New England National Network of Libraries of Medicine. NER sponsors a webpage with information http://nnlm.gov/ner/initiatives/knowledgemgmt.html. Be sure to check out the Template for a Healthcare Knowledge Services Centerhttp://escholarship.umassmed.edu/ner/1/.

Lisa McCormick

Looking for people wanting to write about medical library stuff
Many of you know I write posts on my blog The Krafty Librarian. Currently as president of MLA I just don't have as much time to write as much as I would like. Additionally, I understand my role as president could impact the things that I normally would write about on my blog. For example I don't want a negative or positive review I write about a product being attributed to me while I am president which could be seen as rejection or endorsement by MLA. I am also looking at ways to extend the blog so that others can share examples of being krafty in librarianship. Sort of like larger peer to peer sharing site (I haven't worked it all out yet).

Due to these various reasons I am looking for writers who would like to contribute to the Krafty Librarian blog. It is ok if you have never written publicly or for a blog. I think first time writers have a great perspective that we just haven't heard. Depending on the number of people who apply and are accepted I expect nobody would be posting more than once a month, so it shouldn't be a tough schedule.

If you are interested please go to http://www.kraftylibrarian.com/looking-for-writers-for-krafty-blog/where more information is posted including the link to apply.

Thank you and I hope you consider writing,
Michelle Kraft

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Libraries could outlast the internet, head of British Library says

At a recent conference to outline the future of the British Library system, director Roly Keating is quoted as saying, "I was surprised, and continue to be, how many smart people ask me in all seriousness 'do we really still need these library things in this age of smart phones, search engines' and so on?"

"They stand for a certain freedom, and privacy of thought and search and expression," he said of libraries. "They stand for private study in a social space; they are safe, they're places of sanctuary and play a vital role in some of the poorest communities. And they are trusted."  See the full article for Keatings observations on the valuable role of libraries in contemporary society.

Image result for beach Do We Need Libraries?
Steve Denning, a contributor to Forbes, writes about "radical management, leadership, innovation and narrative. In his article "Do We Need Libraries?" Denning makes some interesting observations about the state of libraries which, like other business sectors, are facing "extinction" as a result of massive disruptions to their core business. Lest you think this is another gloom and doom article, read the article to the end, where Denning outlines five right approaches for libraries to take.
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National Kidney Foundation – Everybody Pees

The National Kidney Foundation kicks off a campaign for kidney health with a rather strange cartoon video: "Everybody Pees" encouraging everyone to get a urine sample analysis.

“Turns out, peeing is a pretty big deal. It actually saves lives, since it’s the best way to find out if your kidneys are healthy. All it takes is a little pee for a simple urine test from your doctor. Kidney disease is no joke. It’s a life threatening condition with 1 in 3 people at risk, and most have no idea they’re in danger.”    Everybody Pees, National Kidney Foundation