June 2010, No. 112

President's Page

It is done, my year as president. It went by fast. Congratulations to our newly elected officers. Regina Hartmann returns to the role of President. Emily Kean steps into the role of Vice President and Program Chair. I am excited to visit all the great places Emily and the program committee will take us next year. It could be your library if you let Emily know. Cathy Constance stays on as our faithful treasure. Brigid Almaguer will be the new secretary. Lisa McCormick will remain Editor of the Chronicle and Jane Thompson will remain as our archivist. I look forward to my new role for CAHSLA as webmaster. So please send me any interesting MLA photos and health science library related links for the webpage.

I recently read an interesting book called Seeking the cure: A history of medicine in America by Ira Rutkow. It is a great read and really demonstrates what a great role America has played in Medicine. Most of our accomplishments have come in the late nineteenth century and twentieth century. Before that our medicine was very much behind the times. But it was interesting to read about the creation of the AMA and the role it played in government decisions in an attempt to keep the doctor patient relationship between the doctor and patient. This is still an issue today though the discussion is now about keeping insurance companies out of the decision making process. I recommend this book for some summer reading. I would love to hear what you are reading.

Thank you to CAHSLA for this opportunity to serve as the president (Truly the easiest job of all the officers). I have learned much this year. And I have really enjoyed working with the other officers and getting to know them better. Enjoy the rest of the summer and I look forward to meeting you at next year’s CAHSLA membership meeting.


Amy Koshoffer

CAHSLA Annual Financial Report 2009-2010


Balance as of 6/12/2009 $ 469.33


Dues – 27 full, 2 student $421.00

Transfer from savings $300.00


CAHSLA.org domain renewal $ 50.00

Food – Sep meeting $231.11

Donation to Museum Center $ 75.00

Barbarie’s retirement reception $100.00

McCullough House donation $100.00

Dec party – supplies & drinks $ 42.10

Jane’s retirement party $ 50.00

Room rental – April meeting $ 35.00

Penny’s retirement reception $ 60.00

Daniel Drake Park shelter rental $ 40.00

President’s gift $ 40.00

June picnic – food $187.50

Balance as of 6/17/2010 $ 179.62


Balance as of 6/12/2009 $2872.07


Transfer to checking $300.00


Interest (12 months) $ 9.36

Balance as of 6/17/2010 $2581.43

Cash on hand

Balance as of 6/12/2009 $ 35.52

Balance as of 6/17/2010 $ 35.52

Total Assets $2796.57

Members: 27 full

2 student

11 life

40 total

Submitted by: Cathy Constance, Treasurer 6/17/2010

CAHSLA Has Gone to the Dogs!

Yes, you are reading this correctly. Our festive end-of-the-year picnic was made even more fun with our special guests – a few of the furry and four-legged variety.

Our program committee selected the Daniel Drake Park as the site of this year’s picnic on June 14. The park is named after one of Ohio’s leading physicians and the founder of Cincinnati’s first medical college, Dr. Drake who was also “a student of the natural sciences and a great observer of southern Ohio's flora and fauna.”

As usual, it was a great time to relax and connect with Colleagues, get caught up on changes in our libraries, and enjoy a delightful meal. We had several guests: Michael Thompson, husband of Jane Thompson; Martin, husband of Amy Koshoffer and their daughters Isabella and Vianne; and Gabrielle Hopkins, daughter of Regina Hartman. There was time to look at all of the charming children’s books members brought as a gift for Meredith and her daughter Marilyn Grace. Rocky, Meredith’s Cairn terrier, even got his own little storybook!

President Amy Koshoffer led a brief business meeting. She announced the results of the election. Amy presented the executive committee with a thank you gift of beeswax candles made by an artist in Winton Place. Past President Val Purvis presented Amy with a thank you gift from CAHSLA for her effective and inspiring leadership. We were acutely aware that one of our officers was not with us for our gathering. Meredith Orlowski, Program Chair, had arranged the end-of-the-year picnic. She was celebrating with us in spirit in her new home in Philadelphia.

And now to the furry friends. Albus and Elton are standard poodles and brothers who were adopted by two of our members. Albus was adopted by Val Purvis and Elton by Emily Kean. Lisa McCormick brought her mini-poodles, Latte and Sophie. We were very impressed with the training Albus has received from Val. Vianne, Isabella and Gabrielle took charge of Latte and Sophie making sure they received a great deal of exercise and attention. The combination of poodles and children resulted in many humorous events – I know I’ll never forget the site of Latte and Sophie having their first experience on a slide!

Unfortunately, the evening didn’t end on such a high note. Emily and Cecil Rae experienced some car trouble, which delayed their departure. All in all, we ended another successful CAHSLA year with a fun gathering of members and guests in a lovely and natural setting. Thanks to all the members of the Program Committee for this delightful picnic.

MLA – "Reflect & Connect"

There was magic in the air as the Medical Library Association returned to Washington, DC for the annual meeting May 22 – 27 for its 100th annual meeting. The conference site was the familiar Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue. You could easily get plenty of exercise by walking Connecticut Avenue down to DuPont Circle, and at the same time, choose from the vast array of ethnically diverse restaurants.

One thing I noticed immediately was that our usual bag of conference materials we are handed at the registration desk was light on paper. MLA and exhibitors opted to forego mass distribution of the glossy ads that weighed down our bags in past years. We were handed an EcosSmart bag that contained an interesting piece of paper announcing the MLA Green Project. The MLA Green Project is a one-time award that will recognize an institution/library, chapter or section that has creatively reduced environmental damage through special projects or ongoing innovations, advocacy, leadership or services.

As Connie Schardt, President of MLA, explained in her remarks, the theme of the conference was Reflect and Connect. The conference would offer multiple opportunities to acquire new information and then connect with colleagues to reflect on the impact or potential of the ideas. Connie also reminded us how much our profession has changed, especially due to social media. Connie incorporated an interactive audience response system into her presentation which those in the audience accessed with their smart phones. Connie reminded us of our colleagues who would be participating in the e-conference of the MLA meeting – another way MLA is connecting with the membership in response to our changing economic and institutional environments.

A highlight of the meeting was the induction of Ruth Holst as president. Ruth has been a longtime member of the Midwest Chapter and has held numerous leadership roles in the chapter and national MLA, and she began her career as a hospital librarian. In her Inaugural Address Ruth talked a great deal about research. Something we all struggle with and know is crucial is our ability to communicate our value to our institutions. To do this we must “show them the evidence” of our value. Of course the challenge we face is that our profession lacks evidence. Ruth's retort: create the evidence. She suggested beginning by asking the question: “What would give you the answers you need in your workplace?” According to Holst, building this body of evidence is the major task facing our profession.

As far as the 'magic' in the air – it wasn't so much enchantment ala Disneyland but of the Magic Johnson variety. Unbeknownst to MLA when they booked the Hilton for the conference, the new owners of the hotel embarked on a major renovation. When we arrived at the hotel, the most obvious example of the renovation was the patio – it was a huge pile of dirt. In the four days we were there, we saw the dirt replaced by flagstone pavers, walls with fountains, landscaping with fire pits, and finally the patio furniture artfully arranged. All of this was accomplished with work going on 24/7 – seeing the transformation was just like watching one of the television renovation shows when they do the speeded up version of all of the work that had been done for the "final reveal." Why the big push? Well, Magic Johnson was coming to inspect and do the ribbon cutting on May 26. We soon learned that Mr. Johnson is one of the owners of the hotel. As we were leaving the hotel for the airport, they were getting ready to put down the red carpet for him!

As I reflect back on the meeting, it is the interactions with colleagues and vendors that have the most impact of all on my overall meeting experience. This year, MLA provided all of the opportunities necessary for learning, connecting and reflecting.

MLA 2010 The McGovern Lecture

Author Daniel H. Pink delivered the annual John P. McGovern Award Lecturer on May 23rd at the meeting of the Medical Library Association. Pink was chosen because of his bestselling books and writings, most recently, A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers will Rule the Future. He has an interesting and varied background, including a stint as a speech writer for Vice President Al Gore. In an entertaining style Pink describes key right-brained activities that will spell the difference between success and failure in the 21st century global business environment. He shapes his message around six abilities: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, and Meaning. Our success – and he includes personal fulfillment as well as monetary rewards – are directly tied to our abilities to be creative and to make meaningful human connections. We have entered the conceptual age where creators and empathizers will be the leaders.

Pink began his presentation with some fascinating information and data about the human brain. He is very adept at ‘connecting the dots’ with great examples related to outsourcing and the ‘rise’ of the information age – providing great context for his points. Pink offers fact-based, relevant insights into the ways we need to change the educational system so that we can compete and thrive in the new world economy. His concepts derive from his observations of the education systems of India and China. Don’t think his style was dry or academic – he is extremely articulate and personable and uses story very effectively in his presentation. He made sure to save time for questions from the audience. After his lecture, Pink was available in the Hall of Exhibits to autograph his book.

MLA is continuing the 2010 meeting theme of “Reflect and Connect” by sponsoring the first ever MLA Book Club. Members are invited to read Pink’s book and then connect at a web event in July to discuss the actions you have taken as a result of the book and lecture. EBSCO Information Services was the sponsor of the McGovern Lecture.

In conclusion, much of what Pink has written about is known information, but he has the skill and vision to weave the pieces together in a way that conveys a sense of urgency that demands action.

Lisa McCormick

Lloyd Library Announces New Online Exhibit

The Lloyd Library and Museum is pleased to announce its newest online exhibit “In Search of Birds at the Lloyd.” While the Lloyd is well-known for its remarkable collection of botanical and pharmaceutical resources, perhaps only a handful of people know that its collection also includes significant holdings on diverse biological subjects. This exhibit opens a window onto our vast resources of zoological materials with a spotlight on ornithology.

Birds have long captured our imagination. People have watched, studied, and documented bird life for centuries; and, a nice representation of this scholarship is at the Lloyd. Ancient zoological texts sit near 20th century ornithological journals. Works by John James Audubon complement those by William Bartram and Alexander Wilson. We also have books for children, books about local birds, and books dedicated to feathers, nests, eggs, and skeletons; visitors to this exhibit will see selections from each.

All of the works in this exhibit contain artwork of beautiful birds drawn by natural history illustrators throughout history, from the well-known Mark Catesby and Thomas Bewick to the anonymous work found in ornithological periodicals. In addition, this exhibit highlights two fascinating American birds, the Ivory-billed woodpecker and the Passenger pigeon, and features birds of prey, parrots, and water birds.

We invite all interested to take this virtual look into ornithology at the Lloyd by visiting http://www.lloydlibrary.org/exhibits/birds/index.html. Please direct any comments, questions, or suggestions to webmaster@lloydlibrary.org. In addition, please feel free to circulate this information to others who may be interested.

Upcoming National Library of Medicine Workshops in Columbus

The State Library of Ohio will be hosting two National Library of Medicine workshops on August 5 & 6, 2010 for library staff working in Ohio.

Prescription for Success: Consumer Health on the Web.

Thursday August 5, 2010 8:30 - 11:30 am

Location: State Library of Ohio, computer training room

Limit 20 Course Description.

This hands-on introduction to consumer health information will cover the information-seeking behaviors of consumers, the basics of MedlinePlus.gov, DIRLINE, ClinicalTrials.gov and other reliable web pages such as those from professional medical associations and advocacy groups. It will cover sites devoted to pharmaceutical information for consumers, drug-interaction databases and herbal information.

Healthy Aging at Your Library: Connecting Older Adults to Health Information

Thursday August 5, 2010 12:30 - 4:30 pm

Friday August 6, 2010 8:30 - 12:30 am.

Location: State Library of Ohio, computer training room

Limit 20 Course Description.

This "train the trainer" class is designed to help librarians assist their older adult patrons find health information. Discover techniques for teaching older adults to use computers and to find health information on the Internet, learn what makes a website senior-friendly; plan library programs on senior health topics; and find out about some recommended health websites for older adults.

For more information, including details about Medical Library Association Continuing Education Credits, and to register go to: http://host6.evanced.info/ohio/evanced/eventcalendar.asp and select the workshops on the August calendar.

For more information contact Connie Ostrove at 614-466-1710.

Marsha McDevitt-StredneyMarketing & Communications Director

274 E. 1st Avenue

Columbus, OH 43201

Tel: 614-644-6875Fax: 614-466-3584


CAHSLA Colleagues

On May 13, members of CAHSLA joined the staff of the Good Samaritan-TriHealth libraries to wish our friend and long-time CAHSLA member Penny Philpot a “Happy retirement.” The reception for Penny was held in the library. We received a note from Penny:

Dear CAHSLA Friends,

Thank you for the wonderful bowl and gift card. I was so surprised to see so many of you at my party. I am looking forward to enjoying my grandkids and doing things I have never had time to do before.

Thank you,


Welcome to Kathleen Flanagan. Kathleen has joined the staff of TriHealth-Good Samaritan Hospital Health Sciences Library. Kathleen, previously at Miami University Library, replaces Penny Philpot.

Bundle of Joy

We extend our warmest wishes to Meredith (UC Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library) and Bob Orlowski as they welcome their beautiful baby daughter Marilyn Grace on May 12. The Orlowskis, with Rocky the Cairn terrier in tow, have moved to Philadelphia for Bob’s residency. CAHSLA will indeed miss Meredith, and we are so grateful for her many contributions to the organization during her four-year tenure in Cincinnati. At the end-of the year picnic, we collected storybooks for Meredith to read to Marilyn. One special book even showed up for Rocky! Here’s the newest addition to the Orlowski family.

Dear CAHSLA friends,
Thank you so much for the wonderful gift!!  I was extremely excited when I opened that huge box up to uncover so
many books. It really touched my heart. There is so much baby stuff out there, and most of it is unnecessary, but
books! My heavens, what a wonderful gift - the perfect gift! I've already started Marilyn on a strict reading regime.
Thanks again - we will have so much fun with them and I will always remember my CAHSLA friends every time we
open one up. (Rocky thanks you too! He won't be joining the library's summer book club any time soon, but his new
book will help him get started!)
Also, thank you for my time at CAHSLA. I enjoyed working with /meeting all of you.  The group is truly a great group
of people. I will miss you all!
We are still unpacking...in fact, my house is a total disaster - I can't wait to get back to a "normal" life.  This
weekend Bob got lucky and has 3 days off, so he will finish painting, then we can finish unpacking and organizing.
Baby Marilyn is doing wonderful. She is quite the little time sucker.  My goal for next week is to teach her how to
open the fridge and use the microwave.
Happy 4th, and be in touch!

Edith Starbuck, UC Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library shares the following about her recent immersion in teaching evidence-based medicine:

To help prepare for increased evidence-based medicine teaching responsibilities in the fall, I attended the "How to Teach Evidence Based Clinical Practice" workshop at McMaster University, June 6 - June 11, 2010. McMaster is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was an intense week spent in the company of MDs, PhDs, Pharm Ds, and a few librarian participants. We worked in small groups and were encouraged to present something outside our comfort zones both in subject area and presentation style. Meredith attended this workshop last year and so I knew going in that it was better to present earlier in the week rather than later. Pressure builds as the week goes on to meet or exceed the quality of the previous presenters. So I scheduled myself to present on the second day and afterwards felt much more able to relax and concentrate on learning content and presentation techniques from the tutors and other participants. Overall, the experience was very valuable and I'm looking forward to using the new interactive teaching techniques that I learned with first year medical students and pharmacy students. So if any of you are looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself, meet some interesting people, and learn a lot about teaching evidence-based clinical practice, I recommend attending the "How to Teach Evidence Based Clinical Practice" workshop at McMaster University.

A Colleague from the Past

Some of you may remember our colleague Margret Lippert (now Branschofsky) when she was the librarian at Providence Hospital and then the UC Engineering Library. We ran into Margret at the Medical Library Association Conference. She is Director of Library Services & Information Technology at the Webster Library at Tufts University. She inquired about many of you. It was a pleasure to see Margret after all of this time and to meet her husband.

Medical Library Association Meeting

Regina Hartman (The Christ Hospital), Leslie Schick (UC Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library), and Lisa McCormick (The Jewish Hospital) attended the Medical Library Association Meeting in Washington, DC. You just never know whom you will run into at an MLA meeting (Lisa and friends)

OHSLA Spring Meeting

Lisa McCormick (The Jewish Hospital) attended the spring meeting and continuing education presentations in Columbus on April 19 at Mt Carmel College of Library Health Sciences Library hosted by at the Stevo Roksandic and staff. Holly Ann Burt from the GMR office presented “PubMed Searching for Experts” in the morning and Max Anderson presented “Geeks Bearing LITE Gifts” in the afternoon. The meeting was very well attended. Be sure to check the OHSLA website for details on the fall meeting http://www.ohslanet.org/

Life in Virginia

Retirement to Virginia has not allowed Barbarie Hill (retired CCHM E L Pratt Library) and husband Tom to escape the weather roller-coaster they knew while living in the Queen City. Their first winter was a “snow Apocalypse” with nearly 55-inches of snow for central Virginia – close to the all-time record. Now Barbarie reports they jumped right into a hot and humid summer at the end of March. The weather is a great reason to stay cool indoors with an interesting book (she recommends Stieg Larsson's series of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" etc. books -- or, non-stop viewing of the World Cup matches.


Congratulations to Emily Kean who earned a Masters of Science in Library Science from the University of Kentucky. Emily, library assistant at The Christ Hospital James N. Gamble Library, is president- elect of CAHSLA. Emily has served in many key positions in CAHSLA, and we look forward to her continued contributions to the Association.

Stephanie L. Moll Bricking, Reference Librarian & Exhibits Coordinator, UC Henry
R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions shared the following
great news:
The University of Cincinnati Libraries have received a $314,258 grant from the
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to digitize the correspondence and
photographs of Albert B. Sabin, developer of the oral polio vaccine and distinguished
service professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Children's
Hospital Research Foundation from 1939-1969. The correspondence and photographs are
part of the Hauck Center for the Albert B. Sabin Archives. They reside in the Henry
Winkler Center
for the History of the Health Professions where they have been
organized and preserved with the support of the John Hauck Foundation. The digitizing
of the correspondence and photographs will begin in July 2010 for completion in June
2013. The digitized documents and images will be freely available on the Web. In
addition, a finding aid will be available to assist users in locating items within
the collection.

Melida D. Busch, Library Manager at the CCHMC E. L. Pratt Library was recently elected to the SWON Executive Board, starting July 1. Melida encourages you to contact her with any thoughts or concerns you have as a member library of SWON regarding services and programs. Congratulations, Melida. We know you are well-equipped to represent and advocate for the needs and issues impacting health sciences libraries.

Brigid Almaguer of Cincinnati State Technical and Community College sent the following:

We have a new part-time Archives Assistant named Natalie Draper whose duties include processing, indexing and digitization of archives materials as well as creating an archives website and Facebook presence. In addition, one of our adjunct reference librarians is moving to Michigan and we have rehired a reference librarian who worked in the library about 10 years ago and has just moved back from Washington DC named Rose Labarge. Also, I am in my second year of conducting a monthly book club for Cincinnati State staff and faculty. Our last selection, The Housekeeper and the Professor, was by a Japanese author very popular in Japan named Yoko Ogama.

In the Literature and on the 'Net

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 08:25:07 -0400

From: Linda.Jeffery@HAMOT.ORG

Subject: Re: story about Librarians


I attended our resident graduation dinner this year and as I was sitting in the audience... one of our most respected physicians got up to speak. He started talked about a person that started here at Hamot over 30 years ago with him. He went on to say what a wonderful support person she is and that his residents have truly gained the knowledge they needed to go on with their careers and never could have done it without this person.

He went on to say some more wonderful things and then he asked everyone to please stand and thank her... then he introduced me. I was completely overwhelmed and did not expect this much praise and gratitude and I do have to say that I did shed a few tears and have never received so many hugs in one night. It felt so good to be appreciated by so many in one night that it truly made me proud of my 32 years here at Hamot.

Linda L. Jeffery, Hospital Library Manager

Hamot Library Services

201 State Street

Erie, PA 16550-0001


Fax (814)877-6188


"Vaidhyanathan, Vedana" MED.MIAMI.EDU> 7/1/2010 8:06 AM >>>

I have to share this one, because it has always made me smile:

As a new Librarian when I started working here in Miami in 2008 I was always talking up our profession to everyone I met. I hadn't realized how much I advertised what I did until a few months later. I started dating a man, and on our third date after we had parted ways I received a phone call from him at 2 a.m. He was calling with a medical librarian emergency.

His little sister was in pharmacy school and was writing a paper and needed reference help. It was 2 a.m., on a Sunday morning and she knew she wouldn't be able to get the reference help she needed until her university library opened the next day. She called her brother crying, and he volunteered he'd just left a medical librarian and he couldn't guarantee anything but he would call me and see if I could help her out. Needless to say, I helped her with her search and the date turned into a relationship. Yesterday I received a text message from his sister, "I just met with a cool librarian here at school about my research project!"

Ms. Vedana Vaidhyanathan, M.S.L.S., Biomedical Research Librarian, Assistant Professor

Department of Health Informatics, Louis Calder Memorial Library

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

1601 NW 10th Avenue

Miami FL 33136

Phone: (305) 243-5440

Fax: (305) 325-9670

E-mail: vedana@miami.edu


From: Medical Libraries Discussion List [mailto:MEDLIB-L@list.uvm.edu]
On Behalf Of Patti Reynolds
Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2010 6:09 AM
Subject: story about Librarians
This is just a little story about the impact of librarians on
people...even doctors. About six weeks ago through a series of mishaps,
I ruptured my left arm distal bicep. I decided to have the surgery and
went to a local orthopedic surgeon. He went to an excellent medical
school and followed up in excellent facilities for his internship and
residencies. He is young - 40'ish - but they are all young these days to
me. During my initial visits he went out of his way to treat me with
such deference, continually mentioning to the staff that I was the
librarian at the hospital. I began to wonder if he was all that serious
- it began to embarrass me.

I went back for my six week check up today and again he was so effusive.
He then told me that his very favorite teacher in third and fourth grade
was his librarian. He began to recite books that he had read - by Daniel
Pinkwater, among others - he even looked some of them up on the
computer while I was sitting there. Now I got the picture... he was
truly touched by his librarian and was showing me that same care and

This made my day for once upon a time when my children were growing up
and attending grammar school, I too was a school librarian and I too
read Daniel Pinkwater to my third and fourth grade classes. (My favorite
was "Fat Men From Space") I told him that I actually wrote to Mr.
Pinkwater and he wrote back with a drawing of himself on the letter. I
am sure this was due to having two boys.

I came back to the office with a warm glow which has sustained itself
all afternoon. I hope you all feel that way too.

Patricia Reynolds, MLIS
Director, Bishopric Medical Library
Sarasota Memorial Hospital
1700 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34239
941-917-1646 - fax