March 2013, No. 122


Welcome to Spring, CAHSLA Colleagues! It’s going to be a busy couple months for us this Spring and Summer!

Looking ahead to the end of April, we’re working on bringing a trainer from Elsevier to The Christ Hospital to conduct a CAHSLA training session about their new product, ClinicalKey, which they’re billing as a “Clinical Insight Engine” and will eventually replace MD Consult. At this training session, we’re planning to take the excellent feedback we gathered at the January CAHSLA TechConvo and get updates on which of these concerns may have already been addressed by Elsevier and what may be remedied with future updates. Watch your email for that announcement with the specific date and time.

The Planning Committee has been hard at work on the Spring Business Meeting and Summer Picnic. Go ahead and mark your calendars for Thursday, May 23, 2013 for the Spring Business Meeting at the Civic Garden Center. More information and RSVP to follow via email. We’re tentatively discussing using the Business Meeting as a format for CAHSLA Members to share their Boston MLA experiences and insight. If there is interest in an MLA wrap-up, please let me know!

The date for the Summer Picnic at CAHSLA favorite Daniel Drake Park has also been set! We’d like for everyone to bring some sort of dish to the Daniel Drake Park Shelter on Thursday, June 20, 2013. Detailed information will be sent out as the date gets closer.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of Spring, and I look forward to seeing you all at the next CAHSLA event!

Emily Kean, President

Financial Report 2012-2013
Checking Account                                                                                                                             Balance as of 6/19/2012                                                                                                                              $2585.33

           Dues (19 regular)                                                                         $475.00
           Nov meeting, food & water                                                          $167.81
           Holiday party, water                                                                      $    5.98
           Eva Colligan’s retirement                                                            $  60.00
           Shelter reservation for June picnic                                             $  50.00                           
      Balance as of 3/21/2013                                                                                                $2776.54

      Balance as of 6/19/2012                                                                                                $    34.44


      Balance as of 3/21/2013                                                                                                $    34.44

Total Assets                                                                                                                           $2810.98

Paid members
     Regular                      19
     Student                        0
Life members                  11
Total                                30

Submitted by:
Cathy Constance, Treasurer

CAHSLA Executive Meeting 3-12-2013
Convened at 11:42 am
Attendees:  Emily Kean, Regina Hartman, Amy Koshoffer, Cathy Constance, Sharon Purtee, Edith Starbuck.
·         Program:   Meeting Dates/Venue:
o   Training Meeting
o   Business Meeting
o   Summer Picnic
·         Officer Slate
·         Chronicle Deadline
Tentative Dates set for last three meetings of the year:
o   Training Meeting   ~April 25th
o   Business Meeting ~ May 23rd
o   Summer Picnic ~ June 20th

Training Meeting   ~April 25th      Agenda: Possible ClinicalKey Training session by Zach Grave, Trainer:
Regina will contact Zach and see if an afternoon session is possible.  Venue would be Christ Hospital.  Details on Parking would be included in the flyer.  Regina mentioned that the garage at Christ Hospital is 2 months ahead on construction time line.  However there is free Valet parking available at the entrance to the hospital.

At the Tech Convo Emily made a list of concerns, questions, etc about ClinicalKey.  Regina mentioned that she received a list of enhancements from Zach Grave.  One feature wanted was the ability to search within a Journal.  It is possible, but not apparent from menu provided.  Also it was discussed that the focus subjects of ClinicalKey is Medical and Surgery.  Regina discovered that one Elsevier Nursing Journal was not available.  Another issue was the viewing space for results was very small.  However, Regina figured out how to close the sidebars to better view the results. There was some discussion about ClinicalKey institutional licensing and user access. 

Business Meeting ~May 23rd Agenda: Officer Slate and MLA Wrap UP:
Regina suggested the Hauck Room at the Morelein Lager House.  Edith will call and check cost and availability.  Other venues suggested were the new Horseshoe Casino and Mainstrasse Park. 

Slate of Officers:
Positions to fill are:

Edith has volunteered to run for the President/Elect or the President position as needed.  Cathy agreed to remain on as Treasurer.  Regina will contact other possible candidates for Secretary and President/Elect or President. 
CAHSLA needs new members!  Regina will contact other libraries to see if there is a possibility of bringing in new members.

Emily discussed the next Tech Convo agenda.  She suggested a MLA wrap up.  Sharon announced that she has become the new GMR outreach coordinator.  As part of this duty, she has to prepare an MLA summary and volunteered to do this for the Business meeting as well.

Summer Picnic ~June 20th Possible Venue:  Drake Park
Sharon offered to contact the park district to reserve the Shelter at Drake Park for June 20th.  Regina mentioned that she was able to book the shelter online last year.

Meeting concluded at 12:37 pm

Faithfully Submitted by Amy Koshoffer
March 13, 2013

those subversive librarians...

Introducing OHSLA’s New Website 
ohsla.info (From the Spring 2013 OHSLA Voice Newsletter)

If you haven’t checked out the new OHSLA website, please be sure to visit it soon. It is not just a website! It is really a membership management package, complete with the ability to register for events, join the organization, pay dues and fees online with a credit card, and keep up with the business of OHSLA all from one site. Not all of the functionality is up and running just yet, so don’t be surprised if you try to do something and it doesn’t work! This project is definitely a work in progress.

SLA Cincinnati invites you to 
Successful Contract Negotiations, April 25
The Cincinnati Chapter of the Special Libraries Association is pleased to present Successful Contract Negotiations on April 25, 2013 with speaker Don Johnson, CPSM, CPSD, current President, ISM-Cincinnati. Mr. Johnson will address the critical elements of successful contract negotiation, from end to end -- preparation, strategies, pitfalls, tips, important terms and conditions, evaluation -- everything that the novice and experienced negotiator should know.  We'll follow that with librarian panelist remarks and Q&A.
Don Johnson has a passion for purchasing and lifelong learning.  He holds an MBA and a BS degree in industrial engineering from Miami University.  Don has worked in high tech manufacturing, public sector and higher education. His most recent position was Associate Director, Procurement Services at Northern Kentucky University. He is a certified “Train the Trainer” and has taught college purchasing classes and has facilitated numerous professional certification review seminars. Don’s current certifications of Certified Professional in Supply Management and Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity are from the Institute for Supply Management.

Date:  Thursday, April 25, 2013
Time:  4:30-6:00 p.m.
(4:30-Networking and snacks, 5:00-Program)
The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, Hoffman Room
Rookwood Tower, 3805 Edwards Road, Suite 500
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Parking & Directions:
Cost: $10 for SLA members, $15 non-members, free to retired librarians and MLIS students

Checks payable to SLA Cincinnati Chapter. 
You are welcome to share this announcement and registration with colleagues 
Limit: 25 registrants 
Questions: Please contact Mary Jenkins at mjenkins@cms.hamilton-co.org or 513.946.5300.



CAHSLA Member Published in AJN: American Journal of Nursing
Emily Kean, Electronic Resources Librarian at The Christ Hospital, had her article on using WordPress.com to establish journal clubs for nursing units published in the March issue of AJN: Kean, E., B. (2013). Creating an online journal club using WordPress.com. American Journal of Nursing, 113(3), 61-65. Emily will also be presenting a poster at MLA 2013 in Boston entitled “Impact of Embedded Librarianship on Online Journal Clubs” showing the effect of online journal club administration on promotion and marketing of library resources and services. If you’re attending MLA, stop by and visit Emily during Poster Session 1 on Sunday, May 05, 2013 from 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.  


Kristen Burgess (UC Health Sciences) and her husband spent 6 weeks working and visiting family in Blantyre and Lilongwe, Malawi this past December and January. 


On February 18th, Kristen Burgess began her appointment as Clinical and Research Informationist at the University of Cincinnati Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library. In this new position Kristen will develop and provide extensive information services to UC Health staff in a clinical work context and will also design, develop, and implement a suite of cohesive services for the University’s medical research and translational sciences community.




The changing world of libraries, Lee Rainie, November 28, 2012. "Nine takeaways for librarians:
Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project ---  “The Changing World of Libraries”

     1.     E-reading is taking off because e-reading gadgets are taking off
     2.     The gadget doesn’t make the reader, but it may change the reader
     3.     E-book readers are reading omnivores (and probably influencers)
     4.     E-book readers are not platform snobs AND they like different platforms for different purposes
     5.     Library users are not always the same as library fans
     6.     E-book borrowing has foothold – and whopping upside
     7.     Library users are book buyers
     8.     Library borrowing patterns are changing 
     9.     Collections are changing"

    book humor 
What is the (unofficial and not at all sanctioned by) MLA, #DrinkingSIG?
Heather N. Holmes, MLIS, AHIP
#DrinkingSIG Convener

The MLA #DrinkingSIG came about a few years ago prior to the MLA annual meeting in Minneapolis. There was twitter banter about social activities to take place after the day’s events were over and the #DrinkingSIG was born. Key players in the (very) early discussions were myself, @krafty, @deanhendrix, @eagledawg and @gabinator, and from there many others joined in. Since then it has become something that many of us formally add to our schedules as something to do while at MLA.

 To be clear, just because we call it the #DrinkingSIG, we do not exclude anyone. You do not have to consume alcohol of any sort. We assume that even if you don’t booze it up drink alcohol, you probably drink water, tea, Pepsi, or something. See what I did there? Just by ‘drinking’ you qualify for #DrinkingSIG membership. Our intention is to get together with old friends and hopefully make some new ones, too. It is a chance to unwind after long and sometimes stressful days, and to network with your colleagues while rehydrating* your body.
Last year (2012) was the first year we made it a little more formal when I introduced the idea of opening a CafePress shop to sell #DrinkingSIG merchandise and have the profits go to the MLA Scholarship Fund. The shop offered tshirts and umm, obviously, drinkware like pint glasses and shot glasses. This year’s shop includes some more drink related products like can cozies, a cocktail shaker, and of course a flask. There’s also a small flask on a necklace. It is only 1oz, but as @eagledawg said on my Facebook page: “Flask. Necklace. 1oz isn’t enough, you say? Remember those consecutive 7am committee and business meetings you have to go to? ‘Cream’ for your coffee = Bailey’s. ‘Nuff said. ” The logo on this year’s products says One Hooch: It’s Always Happy Hour Somewhere! MLA Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, 2013 accompanied by a picture of a few of my own personal drinking vessels (copyright issues avoided). The theme was a combination of submissions by Molly Knapp and Heather Brown. Special thanks to them.

The Day I Forgot How to Use a Book by David Bauer

I was shocked at what I had just done, so I laughed out loud. I was there, in a house in the Swiss mountains, lying comfortably on a sofa. I was reading Canetti's «Crowds and Power», a solid 400-page book. And then, as my eyes were approaching the end of yet another page, I swiped upwards. My index finger, quite naturally, swiped upwards on the paper, in an attempt to move the lines I was reading more towards the middle of the page.

It took me a second or so to realise what I had done, but when I did, I was flabbergasted. Since I wasn't alone in the room, I felt caught, caught at doing the silliest of things. But even more so, I felt caught at doing something that identifies me as a slave to digital devices.
Sure enough, we all know the stories and have seen the videos of small children trying to swipe through a print magazine or touching a plain old TV screen, expecting some response. But hey, I'm 30 years old, I grew up in a paper world. I've read thousands of newspapers, academic papers, magazines and books on paper. It's not that I had learnt a different way to interact with text that I'm now trying to apply to a weird thing called book.
Yet I swiped a book.
I blame it on the iPad. It was the iPad that made me read a lot more digitally, especially longer texts. And it was the iPad that brought digital texts in environments that used to be the domain of physical ones: reading in bed, reading in the train, reading on…a sofa.

Two years, that’s how long I've been using an iPad – compared to almost 30 years of using books. Add, for what it's worth, two more years of iPhone usage, and consider the trackpad of Apple's more recent notebooks a reinforcement to swiping and scrolling as the main way to interact with text. Still, a couple of years versus three decades. It's hard not to read significance into that single gesture, applied to the wrong medium.

Apparently, Apple has introduced us to a way to interact with text that feels so natural that it even replaced long learned and internalised ways where it shouldn't. 

This directly relates to something I've noticed earlier: I find it increasingly uncomfortable to move my eyes from the top of a page to the bottom as I read along. I prefer to keep my focus at roughly the same spot and to move the text rather my eyes. This, of course, is done by swiping upwards.

So there you go: I swiped a book, because the reading experience it offers no longer is my preferred one. Even now, as I'm writing this down, my mind is spinning. What story is this just a small episode of?


April 25      Possible ClinicalKey training session, The Christ Hospital

April 25     Successful Contract Negotiations, 4:00 -- 6:30 p.m., Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati

May 3-8     MLA '13, Boston, MA

May 23      CAHSLA business meeting, details TBA

June 9-11  SLA '13, San Diego, CA

June 20     CAHSLA summer picnic, details TBA